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Non-Woven Geotextile Fabrics Macon, GA

Nonwoven Geotextiles i.e. Mirafi 140-NL, 160-N, 180-N, 1100-N, 1120-N, etc. are used in a wide variety of applications including soil separation and drainage applications. Lightweight nonwovens are mainly used for subsurface drainage applications along highways, within embankments, under airfields, and athletic fields. Heavyweight nonwovens are used in critical subsurface drainage systems, soil separation, shoreline protection, and geomembrane liner protection within landfills and waste water ponds.
Non-Woven Geotextile Fabrics Macon GA

DX2's Range of Non-Woven Geotextile Fabrics in Macon, GA

Nonwoven Geotextiles, such as the Mirafi 140-NL, 160-N, 180-N, 1100-N, 1120-N, etc., have a multitude of uses, such as in drainage applications and for soil separation. Subsurface drainage often makes use of lightweight nonwovens in a variety of places. These can include along highways, under airfields, and in athletic fields. Their counterparts, heavyweight nonwovens, offer a different purpose. They are used for separating soil and protecting shorelines, as well as in critical subsurface drainage systems and as geomembrane liner protection within landfills and waste water ponds. There are a number of different kinds of geotextiles that can be used for a variety of projects.

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Mirafi® N-Series

The Mirafi N-Series, which falls under the category of a civil non woven geotextile, has many advantages over alternatives. It solves problems related to aggregate gradation and soil conditions. The polypropylene material that comprises it has high permittivity properties that allow it to easily mold to the ground. When used for soil separation and drainage, these geotextiles are extremely resistant to punctures and tears. The N-Series allows for high water flow rate, high soil interaction, and durability. Their chemical stability also holds up well in a large range of environments.

Mirafi® S-Series

The Mirafi S-Series is an environmental non woven geotextile. Unlike the N-Series, these geotextiles are heavyweight material. These are used in critical subsurface drainage systems, soil separation, permanent erosion control, HDPE, and other geomembranes in landfill construction. Uses for the Mirafi S-Series consist of separation, filtration, protection, and drainage, proving them to be multipurpose textiles that get the job done well. Installation and application can put stress on geotextiles, but Mirafi S-Series provides the required strength to create an effective long term solution. The S-Series also proves to be a cheaper alternative to many other non woven geotextiles. This allows for your projects to be more cost effective.

Mirafi® Orange Delineation

Mirafi Orange Delineation Nonwoven Geotextiles can be used as a visual dig barrier above underground utilities. This alerts construction workers to exercise caution when they reach the bright orange geotextiles. They can be placed above gas, electric, water, cable TV, telephone, or other utilities. Their main use is to separate contaminated soil or protect historical sites, since both Federal and State laws require that archeological sites be protected from the adverse impacts of engineering projects.

Mirafi® MPV

The Mirafi MPV can drastically improve the lifespan of your pavement. Paving fabrics like this one work to provide a waterproof barrier, protecting subgrade soils from surface water. The Mriafi MPV is designed specifically for new pavements, asphalt overlays, and surface treatments. It allows the pavement to stabilize and stay dry, extending the life of the pavement.

Mirafi® MTK

Extending your pavement lifespan is extremely important, and Mirafi MTK works on existing pavement as a moisture barrier. It’s best used on roadways, bridge decks, airport runways, and taxiways. It prevents water from permeating or penetrating through the pavement surface. The Mirafi MTK can be used not only as a moisture barrier, but also for reflective crack management and rehealing of pavement.
Please view the description sheets to learn more about other paving fabrics.
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