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GEOGRIDS - Biaxial and Uniaxial

Biaxial Geogrids i.e. Mirafi BXG110 and BXG120 exhibit high tensile strength both longitudinal an transverse directions, making them suitable for base course reinforcement and soil stabilization applications for paved roads, construction haul roads, foundation reinforcement on weak subgrades. Uniaxial Geogrids i.e. Mirafi 3XT, 5XT, 8XT, etc. offers high long term design strengths (LTDS) and can be used in most MSE applications for soil reinforcement including retaining walls and slopes.

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Mirafi BXG110 and BXG120 Biaxial Geogrids

Mirafi BXG110 and BXG120 biaxial geogrids present tremendous tensile strength in both transverse and longitudinal directions. The BXG110 and BXG120 geogrids are suitable for soil stabilization and reinforcement of base courses for applications such as paved roads, foundation reinforcement on vulnerable subgrades, and construction haul roadways. Uniaxial Geogrids in the Mirafi 3XT, 5XT, 7XT, and 8XT product line feature leading, long-term design strengths (LTDS) and are useful in most mechanically-stabilized earth (MSE) applications where soil reinforcement is necessary for retaining walls and sloping terrain. The XT-Series geogrids are composed of high tenacity and high molecular weight woven polyester to achieve long-term performance. The Uniaxial Geogrids in the XT-Series are reliable on vegetated and wrapped steep slopes, permanent and temporary walls, void spanning, landfills, segmented retaining walls, and veneer reinforcement. Durability and flexibility, superior creep resistance, cost-effectiveness, lightweight handling, and long-term strength of design are the advantages of uniaxial geogrids in the XT-series.

Uniaxial Geogrids in The Mirafi XT-Series

Uniaxial Geogrids in the Mirafi XT-Series provide high levels of tension creep performance. Trustworthy and dependable, long-lasting strength provides the assurance that minimizes the requisite number of geogrids necessary to perform the same task with optimal results. Lowering geogrid requirements lessens material consumption, which makes the Mirafi XT-Series geogrid a cost-effective option. Handling of the XT-Series Mirafi geogrids is faster and safer, as the material is lightweight and displays no sharp edges.

Miragrid Geogrids

For the most comprehensive range of strength, Miragrid geogrids provide the highest durability material available in the market today. Miragrid geogrids have more than 100,000 hours of tension creep testing performed at an independent test laboratory with the polyester fibers reducing movement dramatically. The Miragrid geogrids are a foundation reinforcement that increases stability and lasting performance for permanent unpaved roads, landfill utilization, working platforms on weak soils, and parking areas. Miragrid enables secondary support for earth retaining structures, including most MSE applications, even steeply reinforced slopes. Miragrid is lightweight and easy to manipulate safely, as it presents no sharp edges. Miragrid geogrids come in wide rolls that cover more area in one pass and provide higher tensile strength, which reduces geogrid layers as well as labor and procuring costs. Miragrid geogrids can be customized, with rolls fabricated to meet specific project specifications.

Miramesh Biaxial Geosynthetics

Miramesh Biaxial Geosynthetics, in the form of Miramesh GR and Miramesh SG, are suited to green slope applications. The Miramesh geosynthetic material provides stable protection against UV light and surface erosion while offering one-layer secondary reinforcement in MSE structures. The Miramesh GR and SG products expedite vegetation establishment and structural support critical when forming over-steepened slopes. The secondary reinforcement also facilitates confinement and helps inhibit slope face surface sloughing. Testing on vegetation shows Miramesh geosynthetics function better than biaxial geogrids to provide a suitable plant-growth platform. The unique aperture design enables the retention of soil particles while supporting vegetative growth. Miramesh SG features the identical mesh material as Miramesh GR but comes with a synthetic grass face. Miramesh SG provides an immediate finished vegetated face, which eliminates topsoil, seeding, irrigation, and maintenance requirements.

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