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Drain Mat Atlanta, GA

The Mirafi® G Series Drain Mat Atlanta, GA

The Mirafi® G Series Drainage Composite, or Drain Mat, from DX2 Geosyntex has been developed to improve performance, increase installation speed, and manage the costs of advanced construction solutions. The Drain Mat provides filtration, separation, drainage, and reinforcing solutions common to construction, oil drilling, aquaculture, and agriculture applications. The Drain Mat is specifically useful when applied to retaining walls, cut-off drains and landfill closures. High-strength polypropylene technology resists degradation in the environment and serves as a strong boundary at structure to soil interface. As a result, structural integrity is maintained against erosion. The bonded geotextile fabric offers filtration and water drainage, while also providing a lined separation at interfaces, such as with concrete, fine soil, or rocky sublayers.

Drain mat in atlanta, georgia

The Mirafi® G-Series Drain Mat Composite uses a multi-directional core configuration to provide a consistent flow path for water evacuation, contributing to its long-term drain performance. Its design enables relief of hydrostatic or water pressure build-up against subterranean surfaces. Its high-flow drainage capacity is up to three times the flow capacity of granulate or sand, ensuring effective drainage for any application need. The core has high compressive strength to withstand installation and in-situ earth stresses. Furthermore, the lightweight and easy to install 1.22m x 15.24m (4’ x 50’) panels provide cost savings on shipping, transportation, and installation time.

In general, the differences that Mirafi® G-Series Drainage Composite makes include consistent and proven long-term performance, structural integrity preservation, water pressure relief, durability, high drainage capacity, and cost savings.


Non-woven Mirafi® G Series Drain Mat:

G100N and G200N both feature non-woven propylene geotextile technology to help water flow easily, finding common use in situations that involve large quantities of water, including pooling and standing water. These products are useful for collecting water and conducting it to a discharge pipe or collection system. Applications can be combined with vertical or sloped structures. Ideal applications are placed against the excavation cut of retaining walls, landfill closures, interceptor drainage, and in trench drains. The non-woven series come in two variants: G100N features geotextile bonded to one side of the composite panel and G200N features geotextile bonded to two sides of the composite panel. Contact DX2 Geosyntex Inc. for assistance with customized Atlanta, GA drain mat solutions.

Woven Mirafi® G Series Drain Mat:

G100W and G200W features woven propylene geotextile for extra reinforcement. It is designed to prevent small or aggregated soil particles from blocking the water flow and is commonly used for filtration and separation purposes. Its reinforced woven barrier prevents mixing at interfaces. Ideal applications include ground stabilization (between the sub-base and subgrade earth) and around drainage materials. The woven series also come in two variants: G100W features geotextile bonded to one side of the composite panel and G200W features geotextile bonded to two sides of the composite panel. Contact DX2 Geosyntex Inc. in Atlanta, GA for drain mat assistance with customized solutions.

Installation Guidelines

Detailed installation instructions for specific applications are available from DX2 Geosyntex, Inc. Contact us today.

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