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Concrete Cloth™: Concrete Reimagined

Concrete is a composite material made of aggregate held together with cement. Builders have used concrete to enforce invaluable infrastructure forever. Moisture is known to compromise the integrity of aggregate materials when water expands in air pockets. Concrete Cloth™ geosynthetic cementitious composite mat (GCCM) is a pliable material that transcends traditional concrete application. Concrete Cloth GCCM flexes and bows to contour slopes and dips in a landscape. Concrete Cloth is resistant to water and maintains compressive strength while submerged, even under saltwater. Multiple size rolls of material are available, including those small enough for two men to transport, eliminating the need for bulky loading equipment. Concrete Cloth GCCM is ideal for vulnerable points in infrastructure that carry liquids or require protection from erosion. It is the perfect alternative to shotcrete, poured concrete, and rip-rap because of its flexible nature, water-resistance, and it requires no mixing or framing.

There is a large variety of Concrete Cloth applications:


Concrete Cloth GCCM is perfect for preventing surface wear in metal culvert applications. It is easily handled and installed by a small crew. It is also economically better than topical invert coatings and relining systems. It is usable at the headwall, inlet, and outfall to protect the existing structure from erosion, extending the life of the culvert asset.

Ditch and Channel Lining

When comparing erosion control methods, Concrete Cloth™ GCCM is highly cost-effective. It is more economical than rip-rap, shotcrete, plastic inserts, and cement stabilized soil. Enjoy reduced installation time requiring no special machinery, with an impressive installation rate of 20,000 square feet per day. It can quickly unroll to line channels and ditches. The composite fabric conforms to unique ditch geometry, doubling as an effective weed suppressant.


Concrete Cloth GCCM can quickly replace rip-rap, shotcrete, and other hard armor systems in protecting slopes. It maintains compressional strength when wet. Easily unrolled, the material requires limited equipment to install, reducing bulky machinery on the job site. Installation is manageable by standard maintenance crews in minimal time, even in the rain if necessary, providing schedule flexibility.


Concrete Cloth GCCM is more cost-effective than poured or sprayed concrete as an alternative for lining secondary berms. It also offers protection from fire. Quick install reduces time on a job site, and maximum portability allows for easy installation in areas with reduced access. The mat acts as an effective weed suppressant, contouring existing structures with ease. Utilizing Concrete Cloth GCCM will lower project costs and reduce maintenance costs.

Applications in mining, irrigation, and geosynthetic liner protection are also ideal for Concrete Cloth™.
Finding the correct product for the appropriate application you require is crucial.

Concrete Cloth Atlanta, GA experts at DX2 Geosyntex are ready to help you. We can help assess specific challenges and recommend customized solutions for your building project. Our technicians deliver in-field training and support across multiple technology platforms. We provide responsive on-demand service, in-depth documentation, and third-party validation. Contact DX2 Geosyntex for an evaluation today.

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