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Erosion Control in

Lawrenceville, Georgia

Construction often gets a bad reputation for disrupting the ecosystem. We provide several services to control erosion and reduce any negative consequences of development.​

DX2 Geosyntex, Inc. is a major supplier of erosion controllers in the southeastern United States.

Silt Fence

Preventing Dirty Runoff

Disturbing the vegetation on a plot of land makes topsoil vulnerable to being washed away by rain. Without geotextile silt fences, sediment often ends up in streams, rivers and lakes and kills fish and other aquatic life.
hill with erosion control blankets
stack of silt fence type A
stack of silt fence type C

Temporary Sediment Control

Our Georgia silt fences are approved by the Department of Transportation and available in three types: Type A, Type C and our new C-System. 

  • Type A is the standard silt fence. It is a standard barrier constructed with stakes and a semipermeable filtration fabric. It contains sediment, dirt and displaced materials but still lets water flow through the fabric.
  • Type C silt fences are equipped with a wire back. It functions much like a Type A fence but is supported with wire mesh to provide additional support on slopes.
  • C-System silt fences are the new and superior performing erosion control silt fence. They are quality, DOT-approved alternatives to Type C and are ideal for high-velocity runoff areas.

Erosion Control Blankets

Purpose of Erosion Control Blankets

stack of erosion control blankets
Erosion control blankets are materials that can be rolled out to reduce seed and soil loss from a construction site and aid in establishing vegetation. They are constructed from a variety of materials that deteriorate at different rates, depending on the job and the terrain of the location, and work by maintaining moisture and holding soil in place. They are easy to install and are cost effective.

Temporary Erosion Control Blankets

workers laying natural erosion control blankets
truck bed full of natural erosion control blankets
Temporary erosion control blankets are made from organic and synthetic materials. They hold seed and soil in place while maintaining moisture and protecting seedlings as they begin to grow. They are made from many fibrous and biodegradable materials connected by netting.
stack of natural erosion control blankets

Permanent Erosion Control Blankets

erosion control blankets laying on a hill
Permanent erosion control blankets provide a three-dimensional nylon matrix and use nature's own erosion process to reinforce plant roots by entwining the root structure. Like temporary blankets, the permanent versions are made to nourish foliage. They have added stability that makes them perfect to hold together a slope.