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Curb Inlet Devices Atlanta, GA

Curb Inlet Devices in Atlanta, Georgia

Erosion is a common consequence of heavy storms that produce large volumes of runoff and flooding. To deal with the excess water, storm drains are installed as part of larger infrastructures by local, state and federal agencies. Some people think storm drains are sewers, however, on one hand, sewers are designed to transport wastewater and excrement; on the other hand, the primary purpose of storm drains is to take rainfall runoff and deposit it into nearby waterways. When torrents of rain begin to move silt and other sediments, however, these vital conduits get obstructed, making flooding more likely. To prevent entry into the storm drain, rely on a curb inlet device in Atlanta, GA.

curb inlet device atlanta georgia

What Is Sediment?

Sediment consists of particles, generally derived from soil. It could be clay, silt or sand. Sediment might also be composed of decaying plant or animal tissue. When erosion occurs, the top layer of soil is driven by either blowing wind, flowing water or melting snow from where it sits to places that may not be hospitable, drainage systems for example. This sediment, not to mention refuse and other debris, may contain organic material, or even chemicals, that enhance soil fertility but damage aquatic ecosystems.

Problems Caused by Sediment

In addition to being the cause of blockage at storm drains, sediment can also serve as a source of pollution as it enters the drainage flow. For one thing, it diminishes the quality of drinking water thereby raising the cost of its treatment. In addition, when accumulated in stream beds, it lowers the number of microorganisms and other biota, upon which other fish subsist, thus disrupting the entire food chain of the ecosystem. Preventing such problems from arising is the task of planners, engineers and other experts. The collaborative result? DX2 Geosyntex’s Curb Inlet Device .

Curb Inlet Device of Atlanta GA

Using 100 percent pine straw as filler, DX2 Geosyntex, Inc. ensleeves this swath with a casing of woven polypropylene geotextile. Dividing the maximal tension force it can bear by the cross-section area conveys a tensile strength of 200 grab. Weighing about 45 pounds, this curb inlet device has a nine-inch diameter and a length of 15 feet. Elongation adds 15 percent to tensile strength. In addition, its ultraviolet ray resistance is 70 percent. Using pine straw as its core wards off compaction and mold as well as negating any need for rubber or wire.

About DX2 Geosyntex, Inc.

For nearly 30 years, DX2 Geosyntex, Inc. has specialized in providing the strongest, most tenacious and reliable materials for its erosion control products and geotextile fabrics. Not only does DX2 distribute the best products to suit customer needs. From silt fences and wood excelsior mats to permanent erosion blankets and curb inlet devices, the product line offered by this company are all distributed in the interest of protecting roads, waterways and ecosystems. Civil engineers, construction professionals and public officials can appreciate the cost-effectiveness of DX2 materials and the overall expertise of the company’s personnel.

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