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Non-woven Geotextile Fabric Installations in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Separation. Stabilization. Reinforcement. Filtration.

Rate the priorities of your job and pick the right geotextile base for your construction with DX2 Geosyntex, Inc.

Non-woven Geotextile Fabric for Your Construction

Non-woven geotextile fabric is useful for a variety of civil and environmental construction tasks to enhance durability and functionality. The fabric, which looks similar to felt, works well for most projects but is ideal for drainage and cushioning. 

Protecting the Ground You Build On

Though non-woven fabric can be used in almost any job to stabilize and filter your soil, its tight network of fibers is a finer filter than other geotextiles. People with soil retention and careful drainage as their main concerns should consider this option. Non-woven fabric is also good for jobs that need strong structural support.
non-woven geotextile installation

Non-woven Geotextiles: What You Need to Know

Common Application

Drainage is the primary function of non-woven fabric, because the fabric’s tight structure holds soil in place, filters out silt and allows water to flow easily through. We often install this type of geotextile for French drains, subsurface drains and underdrains. In the southeastern area of the United States, we get a lot of rain. Make sure water is properly drained in your construction areas to prevent damage.
The cushiony structure of the non-woven geotextile is ideal for holding together problematic asphalt. If your asphalt is constantly cracking, have us come to your site and install a layer of protection from the shifting elements that break down your road. 

Non-woven Geotextile Structure

Like the woven variety, non-woven geotextiles are made of polypropylene fibers. The fibers are in a randomly arranged network, resembling a thick felt, which is then needle punched for drainage instead of spun into yarn and woven into fabric.

Varieties of Non-woven Geotextiles

We can install this material in a variety of densities, depending on your project.
Light-weight non-woven geotextiles are mainly used for subsurface drainage applications along highways, within embankments, under airfields and athletic fields. 
Heavy-weight non-woven geotextiles are used in critical subsurface drainage systems, soil separation, shoreline protection and geomembrane liner protection within landfills and waste water ponds.
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