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About DX2 Geosyntex, Inc.

In 1993, DX2 Geosyntex, Inc. was founded for the purpose of developing a geotextile distributorship that went beyond the regular customer and vendor relationship. The founders decided to bring together their backgrounds in geotextiles and construction products in a way that benefited the consumer. The end result is a forward-thinking organization that has customer service at its core.

After 20 years in business with a staff with more than 75 years combined experience in the geosynthetics field, DX2 is Georgia’s master distributor for TC Mirafi Products. We carry a full line of geotextile products, including stabilization and separation, drainage, and asphalt overlay fabrics. In addition to GEOTEXTILE FABRICS we locally warehouse a full line of erosion control products including Silt Fence, Wood Excelsior Mats, Straw Mats, Permanent Erosion Blankets (TRM), Sand Bags, HDPE/LLDPE Liners, Bentomat Liners, Terracell (cellular confinement systems) and Silt Savers. These products are available for local delivery by the DX2 fleet or throughout the region by motor freight.

More Than Just a Distributor

DX2 works extensively with state and local agencies on civil and erosion control applications. Our staff works to educate the civil construction market on utilizing cost value, as well as promoting environmentally friendly products.
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workers installing erosion control blanket