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Effective Drainage Products in

Lawrenceville, Georgia

When a road's aggregate base is contaminated, it loses strength, which destroys road support and reduces roadway performance. At DX2 Geosyntex, Inc. in Lawrenceville, Georgia, we offer affordable drainage products that provide the right solution for pavement and roadway failure. We carry: 
  • Silt fences
  • Tree save and safety fences
  • Non-woven filter fabrics
  • Woven stabilization fabrics
  • Paving fabrics and geogrids
  • Daily landfill covers
  • HDPE, PVC, Bentomat and Claymax liners
  • Vegetation mats (excelsior and straw)
  • ADS polyethylene pipe
  • Sandbags
  • Geonet and geocomposites

The Perfect Drainage Solution

A major contributor to roadway deterioration is water that seeps beneath the pavement through cracks and pores, which softens subgrade soil and destroys pavement structural capacity. Pavement with a base that becomes saturated as little as 10% of the time will only have 50% of the life of pavement where water is kept out of the base.
Geotextiles have replaced graded soil filters for drainage of virtually all structures including groundwater intercept systems, pavements, building foundations, dams, and walls. Compared to conventional soil filters, they offer advantages by providing a consistent and continuous filter, reduced excavation, reduced environmental impact, higher quality construction, and a substantial reduction in material costs.
Both non-woven and woven geotextiles perform well when draining stable, coarse-grained soils. Non-wovens are generally used when the retention of fine soil particles is critical to the performance of the drainage system.
To place your order for our drainage products, contact our friendly staff in Lawrenceville, Georgia.